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Madelyn Creedon visits Savannah River Site

NNSA BlogThis week, NNSA Principal Deputy Administrator Madelyn Creedon was at the Savannah River Site. She visited the nation’s only center for extracting, recycling and processing tritium, an isotope of hydrogen that is a vital component to the nation’s nuclear defense. She also visited SRS’ facilities for supporting NNSA’s Nonproliferation-Material Management & Disposition program, and the Savannah River National Laboratory, which is an integral part of the Savannah River Tritium Enterprise, in addition to being an important contributor to NNSA’s nonproliferation missions.

About the photos:
Lee Schifer, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Director of Tritium Operations, and NNSA-Savannah River Field Office Manager Doug Dearolph, show Creedon the Savannah River Tritium Enterprise facilities.