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Mary Ann Fresco receives OPM award for creating, fostering inclusive diversity

Mary Ann Fresco, Senior Advisor to NNSA’s Management and Business Office (NA-MB), was recently recognized by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for her contributions to creating and fostering inclusive diversity in the federal government.

She recently participated in an interagency detail to OPM where she led change and influenced the path forward in executing the President’s Executive Order 13583- Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.

Her leadership has proven instrumental in influencing, addressing, and impacting federal policy in furthering the strategic objectives of the entire federal government.  She led OPM’s external initiative by partnering, collaborating and networking with more than 60 agencies, four Dodd-Frank agencies, and more than 51 stakeholders. Face-to-face interaction with federal agencies allowed her to gain government-wide knowledge on how to effectively change organizational cultures, to improve workforce morale with progressive management practices, and to dismantle silos and boundaries within organizations and across the federal government.

More recently, she served as an effective executive facilitator leading the 2015 Update of the Government-wide Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. She has proven to be a driver of both employee engagement and workplace transformation by laying the foundation necessary to integrate diversity and inclusion throughout the federal government.

Mary Ann continues to serve as the federal government lead with the University of Southern California to advance the scientific foundation of diversity and inclusion research as it relates to workforce engagement. The success of her efforts government-wide produced innovative, high-impact strategies and developed new solutions to complex challenges.

NNSA BlogAbout the photo:
OPM Director Katherine Archuleta presents Mary Ann Fresco with an award for her contributions to creating and fostering inclusive diversity in the federal government.