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National Security Campus design team wins global award

The National Security Campus design team has been named a global winner of the “Design is…" award program which honors architecture and design firms that are changing the very idea of design.

It’s been less than a year since the building’s completion and Kansas City-based architectural firm, HNTB Inc., has already won three industry awards for their interior design elements. HNTB was tasked with designing a work space that was energizing, reflected our mission, and created a crisp, clean and bright place to work.

The customer focus areas, such as the main meeting center and entries to every pod use either the full hexagon for a literal effect or a fractured, manipulated design of the shape.

The floors of the building are on the raised access floor that allows a more efficient distribution of data, power and HVAC ventilation. This design element was intentionally left as unfinished concrete not only to be a good steward of the budget but to give employees the sense they were seeing the inner workings of the structure. The slanted ceilings in the open office areas, based on the geometric shape tetrahedron, was a mechanism to visually shorten a space equal in length to a football field while creating visual interest. Between the ceiling tile “clouds,” the structure is visible, revealing the tectonic structure of the building.

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 National Security Campus design team wins global award

National Security Campus design team wins global award