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NNSA’s Sandia, Los Alamos National Laboratories host U.S. and Foreign Officials to discuss NPT Topics

Ahead of the upcoming Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, NNSA’s Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories hosted 12 nonproliferation and disarmament officials to discuss NPT-related issues and infrastructure, the week of March 23.  Dr. Don Cook, NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, and Ambassador Adam Scheinman, Special Representative of the President for Nuclear Nonproliferation, joined the representatives from the various NPT non-nuclear-weapon States and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs on the 2-day visit.

Led by Dr. Cook, the presenters discussed various NNSA programs and nuclear nonproliferation topics, including arms control verification technologies, transparency, the necessity of infrastructure modernization and life extension programs amid declining stockpile numbers, efforts to sustain the nation’s deterrent without testing, and IAEA safeguards training and technology development work.

Sandia President and Laboratories Director Paul Hommert and LANL Director Charles F. McMillan also joined the meetings, presenting overviews of the laboratories’ missions and activities.

In addition to the productive discussions, the officials visited Sandia’s Z Pulsed Power Facility, the Integrated Security Facility, the Thermal Test Complex, and the Training and Technology Demonstration Area.  At LANL, they visited the Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test facility (DARHT) and the new Nonproliferation and National Security Center. 

The visitors also toured the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque and LANL’s Bradbury Science Museum.