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NNSA announces winners of Stewardship Science Academic Programs Symposium Poster Session

NNSA BlogMore than 275 individuals from NNSA and its laboratories, and academia attended this year’s Stewardship Science Academic Programs Annual Review Symposium held in Santa Fe, N.M., earlier this month. The symposium featured overviews of work to date from ongoing grants and cooperative agreements from NNSA’s Stewardship Science Academic Alliances Program, the NNSA-supported grants from the Joint Program for High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas, and grants awarded under the National Laser Users’ Facility.

Some 100 posters were on display during this year’s session on topics including low energy nuclear science, properties of materials under extreme conditions, high energy density physics, and predictive science. Poster session winners are:

Patricia Kalita, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, High Pressure Behavior of Mullite-Type Oxides: Phase Transitions, Amorphization and Microstructural Implications
Keith Loebner, Stanford University, Plume Characterization of a High Directed Energy Plasma Source for Material Interaction Studies
Mindy Lorance, University of Nevada, Reno, Spectroscopic Modeling of the First Planar Wire Array Experiments on the LTD Generator at the University of Michigan
Amy Lovell, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory/Michigan State University, Reaction Theory/VANDLE Simulations
Mark Mikhaeil, Georgia Tech, Dynamics of Rayleigh-Taylor Driven Flows
Tane Remington, University of California, San Diego, Spall Strength Dependence on Strain Rate and Grain Size in Tantalum
Nathan Riley, University of Texas at Austin, Magnetized Radiative Blast Waves
Daniel Sneed, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Forcing Cesium into Higher Oxidation States Using X-Ray Induced Photochemistry at Extreme Pressures
Bryan Wiggins, Indiana University, Measuring the Position Resolution of Low Intensity Signals using a Resistive Anode Microchannel Plate Detector
Willow Wan, University of Michigan, Observation of Single-Mode, Kelvin-Hemholtz Instability in a Supersonic Flow
Eloisa Zepeda-Alarcon, University of California, Berkeley, Visco-plastic Modeling of MgSi03 + Periclase Aggregates

View the 2015 SSAP Annual here.