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NNSA awards Eileen Johnston Silver Medal

Eileen JohnstonEileen Johnston, assistant manager for Safeguards and Security at the NNSA's Sandia Field Office, was recently awarded the NNSA Silver Medal. Eileen was selected for the award by former NNSA Administrator Tom D'Agostino for her exceptional service and unwavering dedication and commitment to safeguards and security for the NNSA and DOE.

Eileen's leadership and oversight expertise has set the standard for safeguards and security budget development across the Enterprise. Her high-level guidance and direction helped to ensure effective and efficient utilization of safeguards and security funds by Sandia National Laboratories. It is estimated that the cost savings at the site are in excess of $2 million. Eileen has made significant contributions by applying her knowledge and leadership to assist at other NNSA sites as well. Her security subject matter expertise was invaluable in the recent technical evaluation of security performance and past data at the Y-12 National Security Complex.

About the photo:
Sandia Field Office Manager Geoff Beausoleil presents Eileen Johnston with the NNSA Silver Medal.