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NNSA hits 21 percent of CFC goal

NNSA BlogAs of today, NNSA has collected slightly more than 21 percent of its goal of $174,000 for this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). With seven weeks remaining before the campaign closes on Dec. 15, 2014, everyone is encouraged to join those who have become a “Super Hero” and help push NNSA over its goal.

Contributions can go to any of more than 20,000 tax-exempt organizations. Each individual can choose the recipients or make a general contribution. Organizations represent such diverse fields as medical research, education, environment, recreation and sports, civil rights and science and technology. By working collectively, the campaign can lower administrative costs and may give greater direct benefit to these member organizations.

Each of us may know friends, colleagues or family members who have directly benefited from medical or technological breakthroughs, enabled by charitable contributions. Consider, that any one of us may join that group at some future date, if not already a direct beneficiary. Whether your contribution goes directly toward helping those in need of basic sustenance or to enabling future scientific breakthroughs or educational and environmental advances, you make those choices. Together, all of these CFC contributions strengthen our social fabric and national well-being, benefiting ourselves and our families, as well as our friends, colleagues and communities.

Online processes allow employees to locate and contribute to organizations that meet your interests or for things that matter most to you. Everyone is encouraged to make use of the CFC as an efficient, tax-deductible mechanism for contributing to those causes. Key Workers can be contacted for assistance if needed.