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NNSA joins other federal agencies to build Interagency Fire Center in New Mexico

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A multi-federal agency effort is now underway to build a permanent Interagency Fire Center in the heart of northern New Mexico’s fire country as the one-year anniversary of New Mexico’s second largest wildfire on record approaches. 

Building upon the success of last year’s multi-agency coordination during the Las Conchas fire, NNSA, Bandelier National Monument and Santa Fe National Forest have again partnered to enhance northern New Mexico fire protection efforts by building a 6,400 square foot facility to serve as a joint coordination and response center for fire events. The new building will cost more than $3 million, and will significantly enhance the current fire-fighting capacities of all the agencies.

Kevin Smith, site office manager for the NNSA’s Los Alamos Site Office said having a permanent facility dedicated to fighting wildland fires is a huge asset for the entire region, where response time matters.

The site where the new building is planned currently houses the Interagency Fire Center (TA 49) at LANL. The facility near Bandelier National Monument accommodates up to three helicopters and other equipment used for firefighting activities.

The new single-story multipurpose facility will include space for offices, training and conference rooms, and for storage of fire protection/suppression equipment. The new facility is designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) criteria. The LEED design standard reduces energy and water needs, which are important resource considerations for northern New Mexico.