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NNSA labs participate in annual AAAS meeting

Sandia chemical engineer Nancy Jackson

Space exploration, fusion energy, relevance of combustion engines and other topics will be presented by representatives from NNSA’s national labs at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting, Feb. 14-18 in Boston.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory representatives will highlight expertise in fusion energy and space exploration. Read about the presentations by LLNL’s Mike Dunne, Debbie Callahan and Elizabeth Cantwell.

Nils Hansen from Sandia National Laboratories will participate on a panel concerning transportation energy issues. Sandia’s Nancy Jackson will be honored with the 2013 Science Diplomacy Award. Jackson has worked in laboratories around the world to help ensure that chemicals are used safely and kept secure.

Dick Sayre from Los Alamos National Laboratory will discuss his work on optimizing biomass productivity from algae. Dave Clark, director of LANL’s National Security and Education Center, will be part of a panel to discuss new frontiers of the periodic table and state-of-the-art electronic structure theory.

For a complete listing of all presentations, see the 2013 AAAS annual meeting website.

About the photo:
Sandia chemical engineer Nancy Jackson will be honored at the AAAS annual meeting with the 2013 Science Diplomacy Award.