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NNSA Network Vision (2NV)

As your Chief Information Officer, I lead a talented and dedicated team in delivering the NNSA Network Vision (2NV) as a key element of the OneNNSA transformation strategy.

We must change the way we use and view information, and when leveraged effectively, information becomes a strategic asset which enables us to do our jobs faster and more effectively. But almost more important than the information itself, is the security of that information.

Cyber security has become a buzz word these days, but the funny thing is that you can’t just go buy some cyber security.  Rather, increasing our Cyber Security posture is the result of an effective, well-managed architecture which combines our IT investments with cyber tools and talented professionals.  Because we protect some of our nation’s most sensitive information, our network has to be managed unlike any other!

So in order to transform our computing environment, we developed 2NV, which has three strategic pillars 2NV, JC3, and CSL, and once delivered, will set the stage for a transformation in how we actually do our work!


Pillar one: 2NV
2NV “modernizes our current computing environment” by providing a secure, mobile, agile, and adaptive IT infrastructure which will allow the NNSA workforce to perform their duties from any device, anywhere, any time.

Pillar two: JC3
The Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center (JC3) allows us to “understand the health” of our sytems, data and networks within our computing environment

Pillar three: CSL
The Cyber Sciences Laboratory (CSL) provides a capability to “protect our future” by establishing a process through which theoretical research in IT and cyber security can be rapidly applied to operational computing environments.

We aim to leap from our current, desktop centric computing environment to a “best in class” mobile, capable and secure computing environment which will carry NNSA into the future.

Check back often to track our progress as we deliver this vision!