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NNSA RAP training tests emergency preparedness

Members of NNSA Radiological Assistance Teams (RAP) attended intensive training classes this week in Albuquerque, N.M. In the exercise scenario, a vehicle deliberately crashed into the side of an NNSA Office of Secure Transportation tractor-trailer rig on Interstate-25 in Albuquerque. The training sessions are held four times a year. The training exercise involved OST federal agents, RAP team members from throughout the U.S., FBI agents, the State of New Mexico and Albuquerque law enforcement and fire officials. A team from the Argonne National laboratory Risk Communication and Management Center for Integrated Emergency Preparedness provided mock media support for the training. The training was coordinated by RAP Region 4 RAP federal team leader Kent Gray.

News Conference Prep News conference prep:  Members of the unified command at an NNSA Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) training exercise in Albuquerque prepare for a mock news conference to answer questions about the scenario.

Mock News Conference
Mock news conference: Pictured here (from left) are Johnafred Thomas, RAP Region 2 Team Captain; Doug Hildebrand, RAP Region 8 Team Leader; and representatives of the New Mexico State Police, the FBI and the State of New Mexico during a mock news conference.