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NNSA sets new employees up for success with First Year Program

NNSA is committed to recruiting, training and retaining a diverse, highly-skilled workforce to accomplish its vital national security missions.

The First Year Program at NNSA is a yearlong onboarding effort to bring new employees up to speed on the agency’s fast-paced operations.

“NNSA First Year Program and the Building Your Foundation course are great opportunities for employees to learn NNSA’s culture, mission, vision and connect across the enterprise,” said Dr. Beatriz Cuartas, NNSA First Year Program manager.

The program has three components: New Hire Orientation, Building Your Foundation, and Monthly Information Sessions.

“The training was amazing. I came to work excited about my job and energized,” said Ettony Sanchez, a human resources assistant who recently completed the Buidling Your Foundation training. “Speakers from across NNSA came to the training to share how their work contributes to the missions. The training was a wonderful opportunity to hear all the great things NNSA does.”

As part of Building Your Foundation, employees tour the U.S.Capitol to gain an understanding of the important relationship between NNSA and Congress.

At the Monthly Information Sessions, new employees have more opportunities to learn about NNSA’s missions and programs from subject matter experts. The New Hire Orientation is coming up soon, to be followed by the “Project Management Lifecycle” course.

NNSA is building its workforce of the future and the First Year Program provides new employees the tools they need to succeed.