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NNSA Small Business Week 2012: Pantex continues to excel with small businesses

NNSA BlogSmall businesses are a big deal at Pantex, and Roxanne Hudson couldn’t be happier about that fact.

Hudson, executive vice president of Corporate Technology Group (CTG) in Amarillo, has been working with Pantex for more than 20 years as a subcontractor, and has seen firsthand the difference a focus on small business utilization can make in a community. She said Pantex really goes out of its way to work with small businesses like hers.

CTG started in 1981 selling electronics components. As the personal computer revolution took over, the business continued to grow. It now employs about 16 people in its Amarillo and Arlington, Texas, offices. CTG procures products and services for Pantex as a subcontractor.

For years, Pantex has consistently exceeded DOE goals for directing subcontracting work to small businesses and those owned by disadvantaged groups. The effort has been so successful that Pantex has been honored two years in a row with national awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Last year, Pantex won the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for utilization of small business. This year, Pantex won the Frances Perkins Vanguard Award in recognition of its work with women-owned small businesses.

Mike Tryon, manager of the Supply Chain Management Division, said Pantex recognizes the important role small businesses play in both the local and national economy, so the Plant feels responsible for supporting small businesses whenever possible.

About the photos:
(top right) Pantex received the 2012 Frances Perkins Vanguard Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration for excellence in utilization of women-owned small businesses earlier this year.
(below) In the photo are, from left, Brad Brack, Small Business Program Manager at Pantex; John Woolery, B&W Pantex General Manager; Roxanne Hudson, Corporate Technology Group (CTG) Executive Vice President; Mark A. Padilla, Assistant Manager for Programs & Projects with the NNSA Production Office; and Mike Tryon, Division Manager for Supply Chain Management at Pantex.