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NNSA surpasses CFC goal

NNSA BlogNNSA has reached 104 percent of its Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) target total of $174,078. 

Mark Roman, NNSA CFC Senior Coordinator, says NNSA employees may be justifiably proud of their generosity in reaching this important milestone. Their contributions provide the means for charities and other tax-exempt organizations to carry out their great work. All CFC contributions strengthen the national well-being, benefiting ourselves and families, as well as our friends, colleagues and communities.

NNSA employees were able to choose from among more than 20,000 tax-exempt organizations. Organizations represented various fields such as medical research, education, environment, recreation and sports, civil rights and science and technology.

In New Mexico, DOE and NNSA resources were pooled into a single grouping in the central and northern part of the state. This group covered Los Alamos Field Office, Sandia Field Office, the NNSA ABQ Complex, Office of Secure Transportation including its Agent Operations Western Command, and the DOE National Training Center. The state came very close to its ambitious goal of $256,000 with more than $235,000 in donations.