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NNSA takes part in ‘DHS Day on the Hill’

NNSA’s Office of Emergency Operations participated in “DHS Day on the Hill,” sponsored by the House Committee on Homeland Security, last week at the Cannon House Office Building. 

The event was an opportunity for each respective Department of Homeland Security component to demonstrate and showcase to members of Congress their unique capabilities and projects which contribute to the broad mission of DHS.

As part of the event, NNSA helped showcase the RadResponder initiative, which is a FEMA-funded software initiative that provides state and local organizations the ability to report and manage environmental radiation monitoring data. During a large-scale radiological emergency, the state and local data will be available to the Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (FRMAC) and integrated into the data collected by the FRMAC, providing decision makers a robust set of data to use when taking action to protect the public.

About the photo:
Representing NNSA (from left to right) was Alan Remick and Dan Blumenthal. Also in photo are Bill Beal, from the Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) at Joint Base Andrews and Bob Allen and Chris Lee from Chainbridge Technologies.

NNSA takes part in ‘DHS Day on the Hill’