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NSC completes last part to facilitate relocation

This month, employees at the National Security Campus in Kansas City, Mo., are celebrating the completion of the last "build ahead" part needed to maintain their 99.9 percent on-time delivery record during one of the nation’s largest industrial moves. More than 275 unique part numbers encompassing 20,000 components were built in advance to ensure uninterrupted deliveries while production departments were transitioning between sites.

Several years before the massive move to the National Security Campus began, Honeywell planned to build an inventory of sophisticated components by establishing a plan for each part number to satisfy requirements for more than 20,000 components. The effort required the development of a new Manufacturing Transformation Database, which helped to schedule supply chain and production activities.

This on-time, on-budget move represents a significant part of Federal government’s focus on modernization and infrastructure investment. As one of the only LEED® Gold-rated manufacturing facilities, the modern campus showcases innovative space management and cost savings of $100 million annually.

NSC completes last part to facilitate relocation