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Pantex installs new meters to help to reduce energy consumption

Project Manager Janice Clark gives a safety briefing.

NNSA’s Pantex Plant took a significant step toward energy modernization last week by installing new metering technology at its steam plant.

Electric and gas meters were installed on the steam plant’s utilities to provide detailed data on energy usage, which will then provide the information needed to reduce energy intensity.

Pantex has been aggressively executing the metering plan along with dozens of other energy and environmental initiatives, establishing itself as a leader within the nuclear security enterprise.

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About the photo:
Project Manager Janice Clark, right, points out potential hazards during a safety briefing prior to the installation of electric and gas meters at the Pantex Steam Plant. Workers installed the “smart meters” in the steam plant, which uses over half the energy consumed on the site, as part of an effort to better track and control energy usage.