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Pantexan receives Crime Stoppers volunteer award

NNSA BlogPantexans are proud of the work they do to “Secure America,” but Wanda Call was looking to make an impact on a more local security issue in her spare time. Call, the Internal Audit Manager for B&W Pantex, found the opportunity she was looking for three years ago when she became treasurer for Amarillo Crime Stoppers.

“My special interest in Crime Stoppers was to make Amarillo and the surrounding communities a safer place to live and work by getting criminals off the street,” Call said.

Call was honored for her dedication last week when she received the Board Member of the Year Award from the Texas Crime Stoppers Council, the first time the honor has gone to a board member from Amarillo, said Cpl. Sean Slover, coordinator of Amarillo Crime Stoppers Inc.

Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards to individuals who anonymously give tips about criminals that ultimately lead to arrest. Call, who has worked at Pantex more than 13 years, picked up her award at the 24th Annual Texas Crime Stoppers Conference in New Braunfels, Texas, earlier this month.

About the photo (from left to right):
Chief W. Randy McDaniel - Council Member, Officer Ernesto “Ernie” Rodriguez, Jr. - Council Member, Wanda Call - Amarillo Crime Stoppers Treasurer, Jorge Gaytan - Council Chairman, Emerson Frederick Lane, Jr. - Council Vice Chairman