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RightPath Team Recognized by Secretary Chu


During a ceremony held last week, the RightPath Integrated Project Team (IPT), a collaborative group of individuals from the Department of Energy (DOE) and NNSA, was awarded the Secretarial Achievement Award for its efforts to transform and modernize existing IT environments.

The IPT is made up of the following members:

Jared T. (Travis) Howerton – National Nuclear Security Administration – IPT Lead

Anil Karmel – Los Alamos National Laboratory – Chief Architect

Robbie Green – DOE Office of Chief Information Officer – Operations

Mary Helen Hitson – Y-12 Site Office – Cyber Security

Peter Tseronis – DOE Office of Chief Information Officer – Policy

In support of Secretary Chu’s vision to achieve management and operational excellence, the DOE and NNSA Offices of the Chief Information Officer established the RightPath framework and partnership to coordinate delivery of a robust set of IT capabilities. In doing so, the IPT created an impressive network of sub-IPTs and advisory councils. These groups develop IT business solutions, gather user requirements, streamline procurement processes, reduce spending redundancies, write policy and establish risk-based cybersecurity guidelines across the department.

Over the last six months, the IPT has worked tirelessly to coordinate efforts across the agency to align mission areas and cybersecurity needs with IT services and policies. The end goal of these efforts is to build a system and infrastructure that is cost effective, supports efficient operations, and ensures the cutting edge application of technology and creative solutions in a framework that provides flexibility.

The RightPath IPT is working hard to make these IT modernization initiatives a model for other federal agencies to follow.