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Savannah River maintains safety focus through multiple tasks

The Savannah River Tritium Enterprise took advantage of a recent multi-week outage to safely complete a complicated array of tasks.

During the long-planned outage to start up the replacement to the Automated Reservoir Management System (ARMS), SRTE took advantage of the shut-down conditions to perform an assortment of needed upgrades, replacements and maintenance in the Tritium Facilities without impact to operations. Through careful attention, making use of a “War Room” approach that provided central coordination of all the tasks, SRTE personnel completed the complex ballet of simultaneous work with zero injuries.

SRTE's last injury requiring time away from work was back in 2008. That's more than four million safe work hours.

The careful use of good radiological practices meant that the work was also completed without employees receiving any radiation dose and without allowing the escape of contamination. For one major task, which involved opening a glovebox designed to isolate contaminated items, a large containment hut was placed around the glovebox, which effectively controlled contamination. Employees made almost 300 entries into the hut, wearing plastic suits for protection against airborne exposure, receiving no dose.

About the photo:
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions President and CEO Dwayne Wilson congratulates Savannah River Tritium Enterprise employees on the safe completion of the ARMS Outage.

Savannah River maintains safety focus through multiple tasks