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Sequoia ranked third in TOP500 list

Sequoia ranked third in TOP500 list

NNSA’s Sequoia supercomputer, housed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is now listed as the third fastest supercomputer in the world according to the industry-standard Top500 list. 

Sequoia, which recently completed its transition to classified computing in support of NNSA’s Stockpile Stewardship Program, helps ensure the safety, security and effectiveness of the nation’s aging nuclear weapons stockpile without the use of underground testing. Sequoia was first delivered in 2011 and has achieved 17.17 petaflops on the Linpack benchmark using 1,572,864 cores. Sequoia is also one of the most energy efficient systems on the list, consuming a total of 7.84 MW and delivering 2,031.6 Mflops/W.

Vulcan made its first appearance on the Top500 list at No. 8. DOE and NNSA have four supercomputers in the first 10 of the Top500. 

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Sequoia, an IBM BlueGene/Q system installed at Lawrence Livermore, is now ranked as the third fastest supercomputer in the world.