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Small Business Week 2011: Meyer Tool and Manufacturing provides NNSA with technical engineering, professional services

NIF meyer tool

NNSA distributed more than $362 million in small business obligations for federal prime contracts in fiscal year 2011 and surpassed its departmental small business goal by 27 percent.

To highlight the success of its small business program, NNSA has launched the third annual “NNSA Small Business Week.” This week, NNSA is featuring a different small business of the day on the NNSA Blog.

Today’s profile highlights Contractor Name: Meyer Tool and Manufacturing, Inc., specialists in cryogenic, vacuum and pressure technologies. Meyer Tool provides a suite of services including engineering, process development and vertically integrated manufacturing.  Meyer Tool’s components are installed in the world’s most powerful laser, the two most powerful particle accelerators, most powerful neutron source, at the South Pole, in advanced photon sources, in solar cell production lines, semiconductor production lines and other harsh and demanding environments.

Since 1998 Meyer Tool has been a key supplier to the NNSA’s National Ignition Facility (NIF). The majority of the contracts have been for large stainless steel or aluminum vacuum vessels requiring extensive post weld machining to tight tolerances and precision cleanliness levels appropriate to components for the world’s most powerful laser.

“Everyone at Meyer Tool is extremely proud to have contributed to the success of the National Ignition Facility and the important scientific and national stockpile stewardship programs being performed by the completed machine,” said Ed Bonnema, vice president of operations of Meyer Tool. “For more than a decade Meyer Tool has maintained a collaborative relationship with the engineering and procurement staff at NIF. Meeting the challenges of fabricating the unique and difficult components for the NIF program expanded our capabilities and required us to develop new processes. We have been able to utilize these experiences as part of our objective to achieve the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for all our customers.”

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