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Students try out high-tech equipment at ASM Materials Camp

At the recent ASM International Materials Camp, sixteen students got to check out almost a half-million dollars’ worth of lab equipment – including a precision cutoff saw, hot mounting press, specimen polisher, and scanning electron microscope. The week-long camp is hosted by Y-12, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tech 2020 and UT Knoxville, and is designed to expose students to materials science.

The participants learned how to prepare material samples for prosthetic implants, and then used a state-of-the-art optical microscope and digital imaging to identify signs of material failure. Y-12 engineer Steve Dekanich, who co-chairs the camp, remarked on the students’ ability to quickly master the advanced equipment.

About the photos:
(Left) Student Patricia Edou loads a material sample into an Hitachi electron microscope while fellow student, Justin Zanoni, prepares another sample.
(Right) Student Hunter Stombaugh loads a material sample into the Saphir 550.3, a laboratory instrument used to grind and polish samples before placing them in an electron microscope for analysis.

Students try out high-tech equipment at ASM Materials Camp