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Uranium Processing Facility team signs partnering agreement

Officials from NNSA’s Uranium Processing Facility Project Office and Consolidated Nuclear Security recently signed an agreement to create a team dedicated to accomplishing the Uranium Processing Facility mission: a new UPF with Building 9212 capabilities by 2025 for under $6.5 billion.

The agreement also emphasizes a collaborative approach to problem solving and issue resolution focused on early identification and rapid communication. It was signed by 25 leaders of the project from both UPO and CNS, including UPF Federal Project Director John Eschenberg and CNS Project Director Brian Reilly.

Partnering is an industry best practice that has been used by DOE’s Environmental Management Program, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and large commercial construction projects. UPO’s partnering agreement with CNS represents the first such agreement for NNSA and serves as yet another example of the way in which NNSA is applying industry best practices to improve project management.

Shaking hands: On left, UPF Federal Project Director John Eschenberg; on right, CNS Project Director Brian Reilly