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Vibrant Response Exercise 2014

Preparing the country to respond to a large scale nuclear event is the primary function of the NNSA Office of Emergency Response. This week, Consequence Management teams from that office participated in the Vibrant Response 14 exercise at Camp Atterbury in Muscatatuck, Ind. and surrounding areas.

Taking advantage of a U. S. Army North exercise, NNSA, alongside FEMA, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and numerous other local, state, and federal agencies with civilian personnel from across the country responded to a simulated terrorist attack with a nuclear weapon.  NNSA deployed personnel to federal and state operating facilities to coordinate the response to the radiological aspects of this scenario.  Additionally, a Consequence Management Home Team provided support from Las Vegas, NV, Livermore, CA. and Albuquerque, NM.  This team provided models of fallout deposition and analysis of environmental monitoring data.

This was the most extensive exercise of this type to date, involving not only 5000+ field deployed Department of defense Military personnel in the field but also a multitude of support and coordination facilities across the country. Lessons learned during this exercise will be used to improve NNSA and other national organizations response to nuclear and radiological incidents of all scales and inform national level policies guiding that response.

More photos are available here.