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Weapon Intern Program holds graduation ceremony

The Weapon Intern Program last week held its graduation ceremony at Sandia National Laboratories. Don Cook, Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, addressed the graduating class and thanked the interns for their dedication to the national nuclear enterprise.

The nuclear weapons mission requires the transfer of decades of nuclear weapon-related knowledge and experience to new generations of nuclear weaponeers. The program is structured to significantly accelerate this process.

Since its inception, almost 300 individuals from the nation’s weapons community have gone through the program. Through a combination of classroom study taught by active and retired weaponeers, site visits, and individual and team projects, weapon interns have honed their skills, broadened their knowledge base, and expanded their network of colleagues in the nuclear weapons community.

Read more about the Weapon Intern Program (page 4).

About the photos:
Don Cook, Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, addresses the Weapon Intern Program.

Weapon Intern Program Graduating class.

Geoff Beausoleil, Sandia Site Office Manager, Jerry McDowell, Sandia Deputy Laboratories Director and Executive Vice President for National Security Programs, and Don Cook, Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, attended the ceremony.