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Work of Manhattan Project–era photographer Ed Westcott lives on

Y-12 Photo vintage

Y-12 Photo today

Work by 90-year-old photographer Ed Westcott, the federal government’s photographer for Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project, can be seen throughout the walls of Y-12 National Security Complex buildings and in other locations in Oak Ridge. His work is also featured in A Nuclear Family: Y-12 National Security Complex miniseries which aired on East Tennessee PBS.

During the 1940s, Westcott was charged not only with capturing images of government work under way but also with documenting the daily lives of Oak Ridge’s residents. A 20-ft-high by 50-ft-wide mural of a photograph commonly called “Shift Change” covers part of the north wall of Y-12’s cafeteria in Jack Case Center.

The A Nuclear Family miniseries can be viewed online at

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