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Y-12 employees recycle electronics to be green and help others

Y-12 National Security Complex employees recycled more than 6,100 pounds of their personal electronics recently during Pollution Prevention Week at an on-site event. The materials were collected by e-Cycle, a local company that recycles or finds new homes (reuses) for electronics. 

“It was great to see Y-12 employees and subcontractors recycle their home electronics,” said Sustainability and Stewardship’s Jan Jackson. “Employees brought in their old personal equipment – hard drives, monitors, printers and fax machines that will now be reused or recycled properly.”

e-Cycle takes the items and reuses as many as possible; the company works with a local nonprofit organization that donates computer systems – free of charge – to needy families.

Items that can’t be reused are recycled. “Before we ship the materials off-site for reuse or recycling, we erase computer hard drives. We work with electronics recycling companies located throughout the United States,” e-Cycle's Marvin Peek said.

e-Cycle does not charge a fee for recycling the items.

The event was held as part of the Federal Electronics Challenge initiative of which B&W Y-12 is a participant. The program encourages federal facilities to purchase greener electronic products, reduce impacts of electronic products during use and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe way.