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YOURcloud at VMworld 2012


NNSA’s Chief Technology Officer Travis Howerton, and M&O Chief Technology Officer Anil Karmel, recently participated in the VMworld 2012 conference in San Francisco. Howerton and Karmel delivered a presentation that detailed NNSA’s new cloud computing solution, YOURcloud, due to roll out later this year.

YOURcloud will provide NNSA with its own cloud computing environment to manage data more securely, efficiently and effectively. During the conference, both officials shared with several hundred people how they have worked with industry partners to leverage existing marketplace solutions to engineer a result that will cater to the agency’s specific needs.

In keeping with President Obama’s vision for a Digital Government, the NNSA Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is working in partnership with the Department of Energy OCIO and other NNSA labs to modernize IT infrastructure, drive down costs and secure networks to better enable the agency’s mission.NNSA Blog


Here are some highlights from last week’s presentation:

YOURcloud’s service broker model: “Think travel search engine meets cloud server creation. Users will be able to input their server requirements into a dashboard tool developed specifically for NNSA, and then get options for solutions that best match their criteria sorted by price and performance. This will cut the traditional server spin up process from 30 days to 30 minutes, saving both time and money.”

YOURcloud service broker enclaves: “YOURcloud will provide a secure hybrid community cloud containing service broker enclaves. This ‘cloud of clouds’ model allows enclaves to be partitioned to allow an organization to use one cloud, while protecting sensitive data from users who lack the credentials to access the information.”