material protection

  • The Office of Material Management and Minimization (M3) presents an integrated approach to addressing the persistent threat posed by nuclear materials through a full cycle of materials management
  • Working in close collaboration with DOE laboratories, DNN develops and tests new technologies to advance U.S. capabilities to monitor nonproliferation and arms control treaty and agreement
  • Material returning to the United States will fall under the purview of the Office of Material Disposition which is also responsible for the disposition of domestic plutonium and HEU. It also works
  • The Office of National Infrastructure and Sustainability (ONIS) is responsible for assists the Russian Federation in developing and maintaining a nation-wide MPC&A infrastructure, thereby
  • The Office of Material Consolidation and Civilian Sites (MCCS) is responsible for three key nuclear nonproliferation initiatives.Material Protection, Control, and Accounting (MPC&A) Upgrades:
  • The Office of Weapons Material Protection (OWMP) enhances the security of Russia's nuclear material at 37 sites, including 11 Russian Navy fuel storage sites, 7 Rosatom weapons sites and 19 Rosatom