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Green Week 2011

NNSA Green Week

Thursday, April 21

NNSA Highlights Energy Efficient Vehicles Throughout NNSA

Today’s Green Week 2011 feature highlights some of the ways NNSA’s laboratories and sites are promoting energy efficiency through vehicles. From solar voltaic vehicles to hydrogen taxis to reducing the number of fleet vehicles, the enterprise is committed in supporting the nation’s broader energy security mission. Learn More...


Wednesday, April 20

NNSA Helps Former Nuclear Weapons Experts Transition to Green Technologies

Today’s Green Week 2011 feature highlights an NNSA nonproliferation program that successfully helped engage former weapons scientists on new, peaceful research projects. In one such project, former weapon scientists funded through NNSA’s Global Initiative for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP) helped bring to market new commercial biomass boilers that provide heat for agricultural enterprises, schools, and local communities in Ukraine.  Collaborations like this help accomplish one of President Obama’s major nonproliferation goals while also helping advance his energy and environmental agenda.  Learn More...

Investments by GIPP have led to several other “green” technology developments, including:

Improving soil health and reducing energy consumption:

NNSA supported collaboration between experts at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Zabolotny Institute for Microbiology and Virology, Kyiv, Ukraine; the Interdepartmental Scientific and Technological Center Kyiv; and Ukraine and Northwest Agricultural Products, Pasco, WA, to develop alternatives to energy intensive and environmentally damaging fertilizers. The collaboration resulted in developing natural biological systems that improve the health of soil microorganisms and improve the nutrient utilization efficiency of crops while reducing energy consumption from fertilizer manufacturing and minimizing the environmental impact from over nutrient overuse.


Developing the next generation of electric car batteries:

NNSA currently is supporting collaboration between experts at Argonne National Laboratory, Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, Dontech Global, American Energy Technologies Company and the Columbian Chemical Company to develop special carbon materials to increase the efficiency and output of electric car batteries. The special carbon material used in lithium-ion and metal-air batteries, both leading contenders for future electric cars, support DOE’s goal of developing affordable long-life, compact and light-weight batteries to reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels. 



Tuesday, April 19

NNSA Highlights Green Science Innovations Across Nuclear Security Enterprise

Today’s Green Week 2011 feature highlights some of the ways NNSA’s laboratories and sites are leveraging the best science in the world to create solutions to improve the environment. From reducing the aerodynamic drag of semi-trucks to finding a more environmentally friendly way to clean drinking water at Pantex, NNSA’s researchers improving the way we do business by throughout the enterprise.  Learn More...


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The Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas, recently implemented a more environmentally friendly way to clean drinking water.


Monday, April 18

NNSA Celebrates Green Week

This week the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is celebrating Earth Week with daily green stories on the NNSA website. Each day NNSA’s Green Week webpage will focus on highlighting the connection between NNSA’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency and NNSA’s efforts to invest in the future of the nuclear security enterprise, implementing President Obama’s nuclear security agenda, and improving the way the enterprise does business.  Learn More...


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