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NNSA Celebrates the Contributions and Achievements of Women

In recognition of National Women’s History Month and the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the NNSA would like to thank the tens of thousands of women – both past and present – for their extraordinary work and achievements in support of the NNSA mission and national security.

Today, the NNSA is honoring this legacy of service to the country and recognizing the contributions women make each and every day to keep America safe.

Here are just a few examples from across the enterprise of women in leadership and at the forefront of their fields of expertise:

NNSA Leadership

Neile L. Miller, Principal Deputy Administrator

Neile Miller

Neile L. Miller was sworn in as Principal Deputy Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Administration in August 2010. Shepreviously served as Director of the Office of Budget at the U.S. Department of Energy, where she was responsible for managing the continuous processes of formulating, defending, and executing the Department's $29 billion annual budget.

Ms. Miller has over 20 years of experience in the fields of nuclear energy, defense policy, and budget analysis. Prior to becoming Budget Director, Ms. Miller served as a senior program examiner in the National Security Division of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), where she was responsible for the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration and the Department of Defense Cooperative Threat Reduction program.

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Brig Gen Sandra Finan, Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator for Military Application

General FinanBrigadier General Sandra Finan is the principal assistant deputy administrator for military application in the Office of Defense Programs at the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). She assists the deputy administrator in directing the Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP), which maintains the safety, security, and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. The NNSA's nuclear security enterprise includes three national research laboratories, the Nevada National Security Site, and four production plants.  This approximately $5 billion program, with over 25,000 people around the country, encompasses operations associated with manufacturing, maintaining, refurbishing, and dismantling the nuclear weapons stockpile.

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Anne Harrington, Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation

Anne HarringtonAnne Harrington was sworn in as Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation for the National Nuclear Security Administration in October 2010. Previously, Ms. Harrington was the Director of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) a position she held from March 2005 to October 2010.

Ms. Harrington served for 15 years in the U.S. Department of State, where she was Acting Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Proliferation Threat Reduction and a senior U.S. government expert on nonproliferation and cooperative threat reduction. She has dedicated much of her government career to developing policy and implementing programs aimed at preventing the proliferation of WMD and missile expertise in Russia and Eurasia, and also launched similar efforts Iraq and Libya.

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Kansas City Plant

Robin Stubenhofer, Vice President of Operations

Robin StubenhoferRobin Stubenhofer is Vice President, Operations, at the Kansas City Plant (KCP). As the NNSA’s premier nonnuclear manufacturing facility, the KCP provides diverse engineering and manufacturing services for the nuclear security enterprise and other government agencies. In this role, Stubenhofer is responsible for leading the Engineering, Supply Chain, Facilities, Security and Quality organizations. These groups comprise the core manufacturing functions at the KCP.

Previously Stubenhofer was the Associate Director of Engineering where she was responsible for managing multiple improvement initiatives. Since joining KCP in 1985, Stubenhofer has held several key management positions, including quality assurance, engineering, and manufacturing operations. She also has experience in managing large manufacturing projects, such as the safeguard transporter, with closely controlled budgets and schedules.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dona Crawford, Associate Director for Computation

Dona CrawfordDona Crawford is the Associate Director for Computation at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) where she is responsible for a staff of roughly 900 with responsibility for the operation of high-performance computers, scientific visualization facilities, high-performance storage systems, network connectivity, multiresolution data analysis, mathematical models, scalable numerical algorithms, computer applications and services that enabled NNSA mission goals and scientific discovery through computer simulation.

Prior to joining the computational directorate at LLNL, Crawford was one of the original leaders of the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI) program. In 1993, she co-founded InfoTEST (née the National Information Infrastructure Testbed), which was a partnership between academia, private industry, and the national laboratories that was a precursor to the World Wide Web and Internet commerce.

Crawford received the Computerworld Honors Award (2006) and was named 2005 Woman of the Year in Science in Alameda County. She received a master’s degree in operations research from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Redlands, Calif.

Savannah River National Laboratory

Donna Beals, Senior Fellow Scientists, NonProliferation Technology, National and Homeland Security Directorate

In school, Donna studied marine science and spent several years performing research on the naturally occurring radionuclides in the ocean. She joined the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) in 1991 working in environmental radiochemistry, developing new techniques for measuring radionuclides in the environment, and performing environmental studies to support NNSA’s nonproliferation research and development mission area.  Her focus of study then turned to support for Homeland Security; Donna was involved with developing training classes for Federal Law Enforcement and the US Coast Guard on the detection and recovery of illicit radiological and nuclear material.

Her current position is as the SRNL Point-of-Contact for the National Technical Nuclear Forensic Center (NTNFC) at DHS and is the Technical Nuclear Forensics team leader in the Non-proliferation Technology Section of SRNL. She oversees the more than $2 million project for the NTNFC as well as performs research into developing nuclear forensic signatures. Donna continues to support NNSA’s Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation research and development program in the area of signatures and sbservables and technical nuclear forensics.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Nancy Jo Nicholas, Nuclear Nonproliferation Program Director

Nancy Jo NicholasA member of Los Alamos National Laboratory's technical staff since 1990, Nancy Jo Nicholas is the director of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s (LANL) Nuclear Nonproliferation Program Office.

From June 2006 to June 2010 she served as the LANL Nuclear Nonproliferation Division Leader responsible for 250 people who executed a $125 million nonproliferation mission.   Prior to that she headed LANL's Nonproliferation and Security Technology Program Office where she grew nuclear safeguards programs and helped place LANL personnel in key nonproliferation positions in Washington and Vienna.  She previously served as deputy group leader for the LANL’s Advanced Nuclear Technology Group helping manage an operational Cat I nuclear facility. Beals has served several assignments at the International Safeguards Division at DOE/NNSA Headquarters and at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site.

Nicholas serves as vice chair of the Board of Directors and founding board member of WINS – the Vienna-based World Institute for Nuclear Security. She was elected and recently served a two-year term as president of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management, the premiere international professional society for nonproliferation and safeguards. She has extensive experience in both line and program leadership.

Y-12 National Security Complex

Terry Olberding, Assistant Manager for Operations Management

Terry OldberdingTerry Olberding is responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day operations activities, conduct of operations, maintenance, training, occurrence reporting, and the startup and restart of nuclear facilities at Y-12. She previously served as Assistant Manager for Programs for Y-12 Field Office. At Y-12 Field Office, Olberding has had a broad range of responsibilities including overseeing project management, environment, safety & health (ES&H), and engineering. Major accomplishments include delivering on important Defense Programs commitments including completing the W87 Life Extension Program and B61 First Production Unit.

Olberding assisted in NNSA’s Complext Transformation project at Y-12 where she oversaw the construction of new facilities, the demolition of over one million square feet of excess facilities, and consolidation of materials and activities. Her support to NNSA’s nuclear nonproliferation programs includes overseeing a number of activities such as the Material Transparency Program, down blending of highly enriched uranium and fuel supply to foreign reactors.

She recently received the Administrator’s Gold Medal Award in recognition of her 32-year long career at DOE/NNSA and countless accomplishments and contributions to our nation’s nuclear security.

Nevada National Security Site

Rear Admiral Mary P. O'Donnell, Director of Mission Support Services at the Nevada National Security Site

Mary O'DonnellRear Admiral Mary P. O'Donnell’s assignments have included both traditional Coast Guard operational missions and six years of experience in the joint service environment of expeditionary warfare. In her civilian capacity, Rear Admiral O'Donnell is the Director of Mission Support Services at the Nevada National Security Site.
During her joint service tours, she has held the position of Plans Department Head (N5), Naval Coastal Warfare Group One; Commanding Officer, Harbor Defense Command Unit 111; and Commanding Officer, Composite Naval Coastal Warfare Unit 111.  Over the course of her tenure in the Naval Coastal Warfare community, Rear Admiral O'Donnell has participated in numerous overseas deployments in both the Central Command and South East Asia theaters including Korea, Australia, Kenya, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq.  Currently RADM O'Donnell represents the Coast Guard on the Secretary of Defense's Reserve Forces Policy Board, and is the Senior Reserve Officer, U.S. Coast Guard.
Her military awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, Korean Theater Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal with 3 gold stars, the Navy Overseas Service Ribbon, the Commandant's Letter of Commendation, and the Navy Unit Commendation. In September 2009, Rear Admiral O’Donnell was appointed by President Obama to the Military Leadership Diversity Commission.


Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Carolyne M. Hart, Vice President of Weapon Engineering and Product Realization

 Dr. Carolyne M. HartDr. Carolyne M. Hart is Vice President of Weapon Engineering and Product Realization at Sandia National Laboratories.  Dr. Hart is the Chief Engineer for nuclear weapons with responsibility for leadership and management of nuclear weapon engineering and production activities. Her responsibilities also include leadership and management of engineering activities that provide advanced technologies and systems for missile defense, nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, homeland security, energy security, and critical infrastructure assurance.

In her previous position at Sandia as Program Director for Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems and Line Director of Electronic Systems, Dr. Hart was accountable for the development of high performance electronic systems for nuclear weapons, satellite systems, synthetic aperture radar, tagging, tracking and locating, communications, and navigation, guidance and control applications.  Prior to this position, Carolyne served in a number of management and staff positions at the Laboratories.

Dr. Hart joined Sandia in 1978, and in 1988 she was selected as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff. As a member of technical staff at Sandia, Carolyne innovated solutions for research problems in biomass energy, microseismic and geoelectric methods for oil and gas exploration and subsurface monitoring, aided navigation, synthetic aperture radar imaging, and automatic target recognition.



Roxanne Steward, Advisor to Pantex Field Office Manager, Governance Reform

Roxanne Steward is currently serving a detail to the Pantex Field Office Manager and is responsible for the implementation of the NNSA’s governance reform policy at the Pantex Plant and ultimately across the NNSA.  Activities include representing the field office on all matters concerning governance reform, developing/improving local line-oversight policies, assessing contractor assurance program(s), continuing and further developing the PXFO issues management program and processes, continuing the implementation of High Reliability Operations (HRO) principles throughout the field office, working closely with HQ program managers to ensure effective integrated assessment planning is accomplished, and continuing the requirements analysis process/effort currently underway. 

Ms. Steward has been with the Pantex Plant for 26 years.  She began her career in Operations as a clerk and subsequently project manager in support of Engineering and documentation associated with the assembly and disassembly of nuclear weapons.  Upon receiving her bachelor of science in Business, she transferred to Safeguards and Security.  Throughout the next thirteen years Ms. Steward managed various Safeguards and Security disciplines and served as the security representative on a $125M security enhancements line item project.  In 2005 Ms. Steward began her Federal career and assumed the duties of Team Lead for the Assistant Manager for Safeguards and Security in the Pantex Field Office (PXFO).  In this capacity Ms. Steward directed the prioritization and coordination of the S&S team and was the subject matter expert of Program Management including program planning, budget development and execution, and strategic initiatives as well as incorporating HRO principles into the daily work environment.