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Emergency Information

The Sandia Field Office (SFO) Emergency Management System is designed to ensure that SFO, its contractors, and its tenants can respond effectively and efficiently to events categorized as operational emergencies and significant non-emergency events, and can provide emergency assistance so that appropriate response measures can be taken to protect workers, the public, the environment, and national security. The SFO maintains a cadre of experienced emergency response subject matter experts to advise and assist in mitigating the consequences of emergency events.

Emergency events at Sandia National Laboratories are classified in accordance with the severity of the emergency. The three emergency classifications are:

  • ALERT: An Alert is an incident that has lead or could lead to a release to the environment of radioactive or other hazardous material. Such a release is not expected to affect the public or require protective actions.
  • SITE AREA EMERGENCY: A Site Area Emergency (SAE) is an incident that has led or could lead to a significant release to the environment of radioactive or other hazardous material. Such an incident could require a response by an off-site organization.
  • GENERAL EMERGENCY: A General Emergency is an event or condition with actual or imminent catastrophic reduction of a facility safety or security systems with potential for the release of large quantities of hazardous materials to the environment. It is expected to produce consequences that may require protective actions for on and off-site personnel. For such conditions, mobilization of available onsite and off-site resources to deal with the event and its consequences are necessary.

For more information, please contact the SFO Emergency Program Manager at (505) 845-5238.