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Performance and Quality Assurance

The SFO Performance and Quality Assurance office is responsible for oversight of SNL Corporate Governance Policy Area as well as:

  • Development and administration of a Performance Assurance Program for Federal oversight activities.
    • Development, maintenance and oversight to ensure consistency throughout SFO and monitor oversight metrics to ensure effectiveness, including the SFO Operations Plan.
    • Oversight of the Sandia CAS including defining expectations, compiling and trending, and providing feedback to Sandia through the Performance Evaluation process.
    • Establishing a process to engage in Sandia‚Äôs indirect budget.
  • Responsible for providing field programmatic direction for the QA Program administered at SNL. This includes oversight responsibility for:
    • Government and contractor adherence to quality assurance requirements, regulations, controls and standards
    • Production engineering, engineering services and systems, weapons quality assurance, scheduling, budget metrology services, technology development, program planning, industrial engineering, weapons component manufacturing, test equipment design, and manufacture, tooling design and manufacture and Defense Program activities.
    • Provides QA oversight to ensure effective SNL performance for delivery of quality components to support stockpile maintenance and evaluation requirements.