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Security Commodity Team

April 14, 2011

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Security Commodity Team is seeking opportunities to improve the quality and safety of the equipment used by NNSA’s Protective Force across the enterprise. The team has estimated that approximately $7 million could be saved within 10 years.

The goal of Security Commodity Team is to improve the quality, safety and procurement methods of equipment while improving the way the NNSA does business. The team, which was established by NNSA’s Office of Defense Nuclear Security (DNS), has produced a variety of results and continues to identify more opportunities for NNSA. This includes:

Procurement process for ammunition
NNSA can obtain 90 percent of its ammunition requirements using existing Department of Defense (DoD) contracts at an overall reduced price. NNSA estimates $500,000 savings in FY2011.

Protective Force respirators
The team has also successfully implemented an interagency contractor procurement team agreement for protective force respirators which standardizes this piece of equipment. Substantial savings of nearly $120,000 were realized by just two NNSA sites as a result of this effort during the first quarter it was implemented.

The Protective Force uniform and insignia
The Protective Force uniform and insignia was standardized across the enterprise. The standardized uniform which will permit bulk purchases is projected to save $500,000 within eight years.