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NNSA Investment in Small Businesses

December 14, 2009

President Obama officially declared May 23-29, 2010, as "Small Business Week," a time to "reaffirm our support for America's small businesses and celebrate the proud tradition of private enterprise they represent."

At the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), we are committed to involving America’s small business in our contracting. In addition to employing thousands of people across the country, small business contracting plays an important role in ensuring NNSA can pursue our core missions and maintain our commitment to effective stewardship of taxpayer dollars. 

Over the last 15 years, small businesses have created 64 percent of the new private sector jobs, and small businesses employ half of the nation's private sector workforce.

In FY2009, NNSA distributed more than $418 million in small business obligations for federal prime contracts in fiscal year 2009. In addition, NNSA surpassed its departmental small business goal by over 15 percent in fiscal year 2009

The benefits of using small business companies include making more efficient use of taxpayer dollars, reducing overhead operating costs, and providing an opportunity for small businesses to gain exposure within the nuclear security enterprise, which spans eight major sites across the nation. Federal contracts provide a significant opportunity for small businesses to increase their volume and take their business to the next level

The following are examples of NNSA Small Business Success Stories from across the nuclear security enterprise:
Los Alamos National Laboratory off site link

  • LANL has been part of $750 million in small business procurement activity, and its acquisition services organization’s construction forum in April drew more than 400 business and representatives.
  • LANL recently signed two new Mentor-Protégé Agreements with veteran-owned businesses.

Sandia National Laboratories off site link

  • Sandia hosted the first-ever Sandia Economic Impact Summit on the State of New Mexico. As a follow-up to the summit, a series of three Town Hall Meetings were held to focus on the needs/issues of businesses within specific socioeconomic categories. 

Pantex Plant off site link

  • B&W Pantex received the Management and Operating Small Business Achievement of the Year Award from the Department of Energy in 2009.
  • B&W Pantex supports small businesses throughout the 26 counties in the Texas panhandle.

Savannah River Site off site link

  • Small business has played a substantial part in providing support and construction services for the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility off site link (MFFF), which is part of the Mixed Oxide Program.
  • In FY2009, Shaw Areva MOX Services, LLC subcontracted almost $200 million in work to small businesses, with nearly $100 million to small disadvantaged, woman-owner and veteran-owned businesses.

Y-12 National Security Complex off site link

  • Y-12 received off site link one of four 2008 Small Business Administration Dwight D. Eisenhower Awards for Manufacturing Category, honoring large federal contractors that exemplify small business utilization.  B&W Y-12 was one of only four U.S. companies to receive the award.
  • Y-12 earned the sole SBA 2008 Francis Perkins Vanguard Award honoring government and industry executives for their excellence in the use of women-owned small businesses as prime contractors and subcontractors.
  • Y-12 was named the Department of Energy's 2007 Mentor of the Year.
  • Y-12 currently has agreements with five Historically Black Colleges and Universities and 11 small businesses under its Mentor-Protégé Program. 
  • Y-12 facilitated placement of 53.8 percent of all procurement contracts to small businesses for FY 2009 (goal was 45 percent). 
  • More than half of the vendors at the 2009 Integrated Safety Management Conference off site link run by Y-12 for DOE in Knoxville were small businesses.

Nevada Test Site off site link

  • In FY2008, nearly 73 percent of total subcontract dollars through NSTec at the Nevada Test Site went to small businesses, including small-disadvantaged businesses, woman-owned small businesses and veteran-owned small businesses.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory off site link

  • In the 2009 fiscal year, procurements from small businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory amounted to slightly more than $55 million.

Kansas City Plant off site link

  • From FY01 to FY09, KCP has awarded nearly 52 percent of $1.5 billion in procurement to small businesses.