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NNSA Issues Amended Record of Decision to Build Nuclear Facility at LANL

National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has issued an Amended Record of
Decision (ROD) concerning the Nuclear Facility portion of the Chemistry and
Metallurgy Research Replacement project (CMRR-NF).

Following a supplemental environmental impact
analysis and public input process, NNSA has selected the Modified CMRR-NF Alternative
described in the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) to
proceed forward with the design and construction of the nuclear facility at Los
Alamos National Laboratory.

As described in the final SEIS,
the facility will be constructed at Technical Area 55 and co-located with the
other component of the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement project - the
recently completed Radiological Laboratory/Utilities/Office Building (RLUOB).
RLUOB was constructed directly east of the prospective CMRR-NF site consistent
with the 2004 ROD.

NNSA has incorporated updated
seismic safety design information into development of the Modified CMRR-NF
design that is described in the final SEIS.  Two construction options were considered and
analyzed under this alternative: the Deep Excavation Option and the Shallow
Excavation Option. NNSA will select the appropriate Excavation Option for
implementing the construction of this building after initiating final design
activities, when additional geotechnical and structural design calculations and
more detailed engineering analysis will be performed to support completing the
facility design.

and RLOUB will replace the 60-year-old Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Building
and consolidate existing research capabilities at LANL to ensure continuous
support of NNSA stockpile stewardship and strategic objectives. The new
facility will provide labs for analytical chemistry, materials characterization
and actinide research and development activities that not only support the
safety, security, and reliability of existing nuclear weapons but also benefit
nonproliferation, fundamental physics, basic science, medical isotopes, and
technology development for waste treatment and minimization.

Final SEIS for the Nuclear Portion of the CMRR, the Amended Record of Decision
and other related documents can be found at:

The ROD CMRR-NF is located here: 20111013085344689.pdf

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