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NNSA Deputy Administrator Highlights President’s Commitment to Nonproliferation Programs during Senate Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Anne Harrington today outlined the President’s Budget Request for FY2012 and highlighted the vital role NNSA programs play in implementing the President’s nuclear security agenda.

Calling efforts to keep nuclear weapons and dangerous nuclear and radiological materials out of the hands of terrorists “a vital national security priority,” Deputy Administrator Harrington said the investments included in the FY2012 Budget Request support critical national security programs.

Submitted to Congress in mid-February, the budget request includes $11.8 billion for NNSA, an increase of 5.1 percent from the $11.2 billion requested for FY 2011. This includes $2.5 billion in Fiscal Year 2012 and $14.2 billion over the next five years to reduce the global nuclear threat by detecting, securing, safeguarding, disposing of, and controlling nuclear and radiological material, as well as promoting the responsible application of nuclear technology and science. 

The following are excerpts of Deputy Administrator Harrington’s opening remarks as prepared for delivery during this afternoon’s hearing: 

  • ON NNSA’S ROLE IN IMPLEMENTING PRESIDENT OBAMA’S NUCLEAR SECURITY AGENDA:   “On any given day, we have some of our nation’s most talented and hardworking people working worldwide – in more than 100 countries – to reduce the global nuclear threat.  In that work, we are joined by a network of similarly committed nations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals that support, enable and collaborate with us on the critical efforts.”


  • ON SECURING NUCLEAR MATERIAL: “For fiscal year 2012, our budget request includes more than $1 billion to remove and prevent the smuggling of dangerous nuclear material around the world and enable NNSA to continue leading international efforts to implement more stringent standards for the physical protection of nuclear material and nuclear facilities worldwide.”


  • ON INVESTING IN THE FUTURE:  “Investing in the future of the scientific and technical underpinnings of our program is critical to implementing the President’s nuclear security agenda. This is serious business.  We need the best minds in the country working at our national laboratories and sites to develop new tools that will keep the American people safe and enhance global security.”


  • ON IMPROVING THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS: “As we work to invest in the future and implement the President’s nuclear security agenda, we remain committed to improving the way we do business. We fully understand that we cannot come before this Congress and expect increased investments if we are not able to demonstrate about ability to spend those resources wisely.”

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Established by Congress in 2000, NNSA is a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy responsible for enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear science in the nation’s national security enterprise. NNSA maintains and enhances the safety, security, reliability, and performance of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile without nuclear testing; reduces the global danger from weapons of mass destruction; provides the U.S. Navy with safe and effective nuclear propulsion; and responds to nuclear and radiological emergencies in the U.S. and abroad.