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U.S. and Russian Laboratory Directors Meet in California, Plan Future Collaboration

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Nuclear
Security Administration (NNSA) and the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation
(Rosatom) announced the successful completion of the first meeting of the U.S.
and Russian laboratory directors since 2004, an important step toward improving
nuclear security and scientific collaboration.

The two-day meeting
provided an opportunity for U.S. and Russian laboratory directors, and
representatives of Rosatom and NNSA to craft the next set of steps toward
scientific and technical cooperation in areas that include non-proliferation,
fundamental and applied research, energy and the environment, and nuclear

The meeting was held near NNSA’s
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), and included a series of site
to NNSA’s national laboratories, including LLNL, Los Alamos National
Laboratory (LANL), and Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia).

Co- led by NNSA Deputy Administrator for
Nuclear Nonproliferation Anne Harrington and NNSA Deputy Administrator for
Defense Programs Don Cook, the U.S. delegation included the laboratory
directors from LLNL, LANL and Sandia.

The delegation from Russia was led by
Rosatom First Deputy General Director Ivan Kaminskikh and included laboratory
directors from the Federal Research Center of Experimental Physics, the Federal
Research Center of Theoretical Physics, the Federal Research Center of
Automatics, the Scientific Research Institute of Measuring Systems, and the
Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering.

“This meeting lays the foundation for
future cooperation in the years to come,” said Deputy Administrator Harrington.
“It reflects tangible progress in meeting President Obama’s agenda and his
vision for U.S. and Russian cooperation in key areas of nuclear
non-proliferation, energy, and science collaboration.”

The meeting introduced a new generation
of national laboratory directors and provided the opportunity to identify key
areas of mutual collaboration.

“We have taken steps towards lasting and
true collaboration in science and technology that begins to connect our
scientists together to help solve problems of interest to our two countries,”
said Deputy Administrator Cook.

“We are looking forward to a productive
collaboration and have identified a number of areas of mutual interest,” said
First Deputy General Director of Rosatom Kaminskikh.

The laboratory directors meeting came
just days before the U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and NNSA Administrator
Thomas D’Agostino began a week-long trip to the Russian Federation.

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