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Environmental Excellence Program Recognizes MOX Services

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Shaw AREVA MOX Services today announced that the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) recognized Shaw AREVA MOX Services for outstanding environmental leadership with its recent acceptance into the organization’s South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program (SCEEP). Shaw AREVA MOX Services is responsible for the design and construction of NNSA’s Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility at the Savannah River Site.

SCDHEC Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Quality Control, Robert W. King, Jr., visited NNSA’s MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility today to formally present the SCEEP membership package and congratulate Shaw AREVA MOX Services on this accomplishment.

“Ensuring that our facilities are energy efficient is an important part of our effort to improve the way we do business and ensure we are good stewards of the taxpayer’s money,” said NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Anne Harrington. “NNSA is committed to making the world a safer place by investing in the future and building the nuclear security enterprise required to implement the President’s agenda in a way that leverages our creativity, unique capabilities and resources, and also makes good business sense.  I applaud Shaw AREVA MOX Services and their commitment to improving efficiency and minimizing their impact on the South Carolina environment.”

SCEEP is a voluntary program recognizing South Carolina facilities that have demonstrated environmental performance through pollution prevention, energy and resource conservation, and the use of an environmental management system. 

Shaw AREVA MOX Services was invited and accepted into the program because of its effective implementation of a strong environmental management system and the absence of any violations from environmental regulators during the more than five years of the civil work and construction of the MOX project.

“We are committed to building the MOX facility in a manner that is not only safe, but environmentally friendly through the implementation of a strong Environmental Management Systems program,” said Kelly Trice, president and chief operating officer of Shaw AREVA MOX Services, LLC.  “This recognition by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control underscores our efforts to protect the environment.”

The MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility, currently under construction at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, S.C., will dispose of U.S. excess weapon-grade plutonium by fabricating it into MOX fuel for use in commercial nuclear power plants as part of NNSA’s Plutonium Disposition Program. Under an agreement with Russia, the U.S. will use the MOX facility to dispose of no less than 34 metric tons (MT) of excess weapon-grade plutonium.

For more information about the MOX facility and NNSA’s Plutonium Disposition Program, click here.

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