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Paul Steps Down as Principal Deputy Administrator

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Linton F. Brooks, head of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), announced today that Jerry Paul will resign from his position as principal deputy administrator effective early August 2006, to return to private life.

Paul was nominated by President Bush on February 3, 2004, and confirmed by the Senate in July 2004. As deputy administrator, Paul served as NNSA's chief operating officer with the primary responsibilities of overseeing NNSA's headquarters organizations, and providing leadership and direction for NNSA's site office activities.

Paul also stepped in to serve as the acting deputy administrator defense nuclear nonproliferation when the position became vacant in July 2005. In this capacity, Paul oversaw all of NNSA's nuclear nonproliferation programs with the principal responsibility of preventing the spread of nuclear materials, technology and expertise.

"As a lawyer, a nuclear engineer, a leader, a man of vision and, above all, a patriot, Jerry has been of immense value to his country, to NNSA, to DOE, and to me personally. His leadership has made NNSA a more coherent and more effective agency. For over a year, while doing two full time jobs, he brought strong management to our nonproliferation efforts. He has been a strong partner in everything that I have done. I will sorely miss Jerry, as a friend and colleague," said Brooks.

Paul said, "It has been an honor to serve this President and this agency. NNSA is a tremendous organization on the cutting edge of securing our nation and its nuclear assets, and protecting the American people from the threat of nuclear proliferation. The time has come for me to return to private life; however, I will miss NNSA and the people that work here. I have had the pleasure and honor of working with some very professional and dedicated Americans. As I depart, I am confident that NNSA and the safety of our country is in good hands."

Prior to his tenure as deputy administrator, Paul was a nuclear engineer, an attorney, and represented Florida's 71st district in the Florida House of Representatives.

Established by Congress in 2000, NNSA is a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy responsible for enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear science. NNSA maintains and enhances the safety, security, reliability and performance of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile without nuclear testing; works to reduce global danger from weapons of mass destruction; provides the U.S. Navy with safe and effective nuclear propulsion; and responds to nuclear and radiological emergencies in the U.S. and abroad.


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