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Secretary Abraham and Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority Agree to Increase Cooperation in Non-proliferation and Security

WASHINGTON, DC -- Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham and Zhang Huazhu, Chairman of the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) affirmed their commitment today to recent understandings reached by the two countries to increase cooperation on nuclear nonproliferation, security and counter-terrorism.

The Statement of Intent (SOI), signed on January 12 in Beijing, between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the CAEA, establishes a process for cooperation with each other and for collaborating with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on a range of nuclear nonproliferation and security activities. These activities include efforts to strengthen export controls, international nuclear safeguards, physical protection of nuclear materials and facilities, nuclear emergency management, and radioactive source security by setting up information exchanges and training programs.

"The Statement of Intent for cooperation between the People's Republic of China Atomic Energy Agency and the United States Department of Energy is an important step toward accelerating the global effort to reduce the threat posed by the proliferation weapons of mass destruction," said Secretary Abraham. The SOI builds upon ongoing cooperation between the DOE and the CAEA to support international safeguards and nuclear security programs of the IAEA and reflects the commitment of both the U.S. and Chinese governments to promote strengthened cooperation and partnership in preventing nuclear proliferation and terrorism.

The signing of the agreement follows recent steps taken by China to strengthen its national system of nonproliferation export controls, as outlined in its "white paper" released by China's State Council on December 3, 2003.

Signed Statement of Intent (Download PDF)

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