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2017 CECOP Symposium -- About CECOP

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Department of Energy (DOE) — National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

Cost Estimating Community of Practice (CECOP) Symposium

March 21 & 22, 2017

Washington, DC


Members of the Integrated Planning Group (IPG) subgroup recognized the need for a Cost Estimating Community of Practice (CECOP). Similar to an academic or professional consortium, CECOP is an informal gathering of cost estimating practitioners. CECOP is focused on training, education and the exchange of cost estimating methodologies and best practices. Cost estimating professionals from the NNSA, DOE, Department of Defense, contractors, and other experts in the field will have the opportunity to participate in CECOP. Additional information about NSE IPG and CEAG can be found via About CEAG


Building Trust and Establishing Community among NSE Members and with External Entities

Objectives & Approaches to Reach the Goal

1.0 Community and Relationship Building

1.1 Knowledge Sharing

1.2 Project Collaboration

2.0 Technical Exchange

2.1 Methodology Development

2.2 Data Analysis

2.3 Lessons Learned

2.4 Best Practices

3.0 Communication and Networking

3.1 Symposium

3.2 Working Groups

3.3 Special Interest Groups


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