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2017 CECOP Symposium – Forrestal Building Visitors Information

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Department of Energy (DOE) — National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

Cost Estimating Community of Practice (CECOP) Symposium

March 21 & 22, 2017

Washington, DC

2017 CECOP Symposium – Forrestal Building Visitors Information

Visitors Badging Process & Access Requirements

All visitors who do not have a DOE security badge, regardless of clearance status, are required to present appropriate identification and sign in at the facility main entrance lobby. The receptionist or security personnel will verify that the visitor has been authorized entrance by the hosting organization. If not, then the hosting office will be contacted to confirm the visitor may be admitted. Once approved, a visitor badge will be issued.

The individual may then pass through the building access control system.Visitors should enter through the 10th Street entrance (here's a street view link) and then go left to the reception desk where they'll get a day pass and the contact person will be called.

Visitors from other DOE sites and other government agencies (OGAs) with a valid HSPD-12 Credential or PIV Card, after self-enrolling using the Headquarters visitor kiosk, will be able to use their HSPD-12 Credential/PIV Card to gain badge swipe access into a Property Protection Area (or PPA) without further Protective Force assistance.

Visitors who will need to be escorted in the building. They must have a photo ID such as a driver's license and the contact information of the person they wish to see. That person (or a designate) must be available to escort them in the building. Please see Contacts to contact your site representative for any access questions and/or if additional assistance is required for your visit.

Map of Forrestal building showing visitors entrance


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